About Us

In 1999 I read an article in poodle Fancy about a few women taking up the challenge to bring the hunt back in to the Standard Poodle. I had already bought a poodle pup to start training to hunt . His name was Bounce N Deaux Rey(Deaux Rey). The article had phone number listed for Beverly Cobb the Field Chair of Poodle club of America(PCA). I called her up and said” I want to be a member of PCA.” In a assertive tone she told me that not just anyone can be come a member in PCA. That I need to join my local affiant club in Houston Texas . I decided then and there that I was going to join PCA and be part of the journey to bring poodles back to their roots.

With in nine years I became a member of PCA. I chaired many events on the local and national levels and was the author for the PCA Medallion Awards. This program helped to spark interest across the country with poodle owners and individuals looking for hunting dogs to see first hand that poodles are hunting dogs . Through the efforts of PCA there are several venues that are now available test our poodles AKC Hunt Test and PCA WC/WCX Medallion Awards. I was one of the few individually to be asked to be a member of PCA with only working titles on their poodles . Usually PCA prefers the members to have several Conformation Champions. I have always held myself to the standard of the Poodle Breed. Saying that and doing that are two different things. So in 2009 I set out to finish my first Bred By Champion(CH DEAUX REY POLAR NIGHT) Drake. I first had to learn how to trim, scissor and spray up a show dog. I had some very wonderful club members and mentors help me. I learned most of it at the shows, I call it poodle 101 on the road. My next Champion was CH DEAUX REY’S COOL ACES (ACE )this a great journey and it all started with do you want to HUNT WITH A POODLE!!!